Sunday, October 28, 2012

K-6th Graders Paws for CHANGE to Stop Bullying

(Snickers AKA "The Bully Buster" giving some Pet Therapy before the workshops!)

We had a great day in Flint at the Richfield Public School Academy on Friday! Lloyd Dockham (below in center), the Social Worker, as well as many other teachers and helpers, worked very hard along side us to put this anti-bullying rally together very quickly. And all the hard work paid off!

Students were so excited, very eager to participate, and upbeat and motivated throughout the whole presentation.

(pictured below 4th-6th graders)

(below K-3rd graders)

K-3 rd Graders Interact (below) with Puppets to display how we are all different, but yet alike. Two of the TAZ puppets look like identical twins, but if you look closely you can tell their eyes and tongue are just a little bit different. We teach kids to look for the likenesses, not the differences in others. 

Acceptance is Key to conquering bullying!

A very special 4th Grader, Alaina Griffith (pictured below), actually won these free anti-bullying workshops for her school, by entering a contest we had over the summer, sponsored by Big John Steak & Onion. Way to go Alaina!

These students (below) demonstrated how spreading rumors, giving someone the silent treatment, and/or whispering in front of others is really "social bullying" and can be hurtful. Words can heal or words can kill--please choose your words carefully!

These 4th-6th grade students (pictured below) participated in a group demonstration to prove that we may all look somewhat different, but we are more alike than we are different, and best of all, no matter what little differences we do have, we have the same value and worth!

These boys put on a little skit to demonstrate how you can bully someone by being a bystander or someone who just walks away.

This girl was embarrassed about making a silly face in front of everyone. We demonstrated how it would be even more embarrassing if I had taken a picture of her and sent it to all her friends, they sent it to all their friends, and pretty soon the whole world would know. We talked about Internet & Cell Phone Bullying, not to share personal information with others. 80% of cyber bullies think it's funny to hurt someone online! We share how facebook is really FAKEBOOK. Anyone can pretend to be any age, any sex, and can hurt us!

Students played an interactive game of Who Wants to Take The Bully Down to display what four options they each have in a bullying situation. What would you do? Fight Back, Call 9-1-1, Ask For Help, or Run Away... 

Students (below) also demonstrated how to "get rid of labels" that other people put on them. They are laughing at all the things that were posted on each others backs. But when this is done in real life, these labels are like daggers piercing the very heart and the mind of each child!

This was our bully today in a game of tug o war. Her against 6 others. Who do you think won? You do the math! It says that 1 out of 7 students are the bully. We teach the six others a more positive way to defeat the bully! We'd love to come to your school and next event to show you. 

Too many schools and communities are letting the bullies win! No! Let's teach kids how to defeat bullying for good!

Our formerly abuse, rescue dog, Snickers, AKA "The Bully Buster" sniffed out a bully, our other dog, Baby Ruth, (below), AKA "THE BULLY" (our worst dog). However, she has Changed her bullying behaviors. I was a bully too and changed. So we share our stories, and how bullying is simply a behavior not who a person is, and that anyone can change with the right help. This empowers all students (whether they are targets/victims, bystanders, or bullies) to make a change and be different--to be a Bully Buster!


Baby's outfit (below) reads "PAWS FOR CHANGE!"

Students all over the gym gave the "thumbs up" sign as a statement to say that they were going to change their actions and be the change in their school and community to stop bullying.

Thumbs up to you Richfield Public School Academy in Flint, Michigan, for making the Change and Being the Change to Stop Bullying! 

For more information on bringing the CHANGE to your school, upcoming event, church, or community, please contact Lisa Freeman or check out her website @ 

Written by: Lisa Freeman, Michigan Bully Expert
Lifelong Abuse Survivor & Advocate
CEO & Founder of Abuse Bites & A Time to Heal
The Healing Projects Specialist for the Bully Police USA
Award-Winning Author
AKC Dog Trainer & Certified Pet Therapist

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