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Fixing A Broken Child--Starts With You!

Children come in all shapes, sizes, colors, gifts, talents, and personalities. They come to us in little packages of perfection, so tiny, so precious, so fragile, we wrap a huge blanket of protection around them their first few years.

At least that’s what we hope a good mother and father will do.

Broken kids, with broken bones and broken lives, are hard to fix. We can’t just take a shaken baby to the hospital and expect it to be alright. Once the baby is broken, the damage has already been done. Many times the destruction is irreversible.

Kids can be broken in a number of ways, physically, sexually, and psychologically. But when a child is murdered—it’s a break that no one can fix!

The Department of Children and Families Officials say that while the number of child abuse cases have remained stable, the number of extreme cases is on the rise.

One teenage mom facing jail time, admitted she burnt her baby’s genitals with a straightening iron. The baby also had several broken bones. Read Story A 20 year old mother who killed her infant son, took the corpse shopping with her the next day. Read Story  A Grandmother and Stepmother are being tried in the death of a 9-year-old Alabama girl for forcing her to run for hours, without fluids. Police say the girl was ordered to run for 3 hours as punishment for lying to her grandmother. Read Story  Another mother who was being tried in the death of her 2 year old son, was given a suspended sentence, and smirked on her way out of the courtroom. Read Story

The tragic stories seem to spread all over the U.S.A. like wild fire. Many cases even involve the mother’s boyfriend. In one recent case, Gavin Sola, 22, of West Melbourne, is facing first-degree murder charges for the death of his girlfriend’s infant son. Read More This is just one of many horrific cases that are making headlines each day. A Pennsylvania mother went out of town, leaving her 27 year old boyfriend to take care of her three children. The youngest child, an 18 month old left in his care, suffered a broken leg and later died. Read Story  A 30 year old Raleigh man abused his girlfriend’s 19 month old daughter. The toddler suffered lacerated liver and bruised kidneys. She also had blood in her stomach, cuts on her lip, and bruises on her head. He also tried to set the place on fire. Read Story

These are tragic stories for sure. However, there are a variety of ways to discipline children without abuse. Parents can give their kids a time out, put them in their bedroom, take their favorite toy away, or even offer rewards such as a special snack or to watch a favorite movie for good behavior.

Sadly, this particular doctor thought that waterboarding was a good way of showing discipline to his 9 year old daughter. Waterboarding is where you hold a child’s head under a sink of running water, allowing it to go up their nose and in their mouth. Thankfully, the good doctor, and his wife (who watched this take place four different times over a two year period) are being charged with reckless endangerment and conspiracy. Both of their children have been removed from their home and placed in protective custody. Read Story
Other parents from a Russian Muslim Cult are being charged after taking their children into captivity for more than ten years. Living underground in unheated cells, many of these children age 1-17 have never seen light of day. Read Story

These articles show us that parents and adults are the one’s who need fixing. These precious children have been betrayed and broken by everyone and anyone they trusted. It seems anyone can have and own a baby—but to purchase a house, car, or to take out any kind of loan, a mound of paperwork and a background check is required first. Then, and only then, if you meet the required qualifications, can you be trusted to pay back such a huge debt. 

Tragically, these children are paying their parents debts with their very lives!
What if, as adults, we made sure our lives were in order and could pay the debt of being responsible parents before ever bringing a child into the world? What if we, as responsible parents, checked the backgrounds of those we entrusted to our children’s care and made them go through a mound of paperwork before leaving our children with them? Imagine how many kids would still be here today, unbroken, healthy, and thriving, planning their futures!


Abuse Bites works to give kids, teens, and parents the fix they need by offering awareness on abuse, bully, and violence safety, prevention and healing methods for all victims, bystanders, and abusers/bullies as well as family members. Our goal is to CHANGE HEARTS & SAVE LIVES! More Information on Abuse Bites Here.  

Written by: Lisa Freeman, Lifelong Abuse Survivor & Advocate for Child Abuse, CEO of Abuse Bites, Healing Projects Specialist for Bully Police USA, Award-Winning Author & Speaker from Michigan, Certified Pet Therapist & Dog Trainer More About Lisa Freeman

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